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Bachelor of Entertainment Industries, Minoring in Tourism and Events Marketing.
Queensland University of Technology | Class of 2017
Dean's List of Excellent Academic Performance | Semester 1, 2017


Music Publicist & Digital Marketer


BIGSOUND Event Manager Assistant & Printed Program Coordinator
QMUSIC | 2018

BIGSOUND Event Manager Assistant

  • Providing direct support to Kim Pengelly (QMusic GM / BIGSOUND EM)

  • Managing 18 sponsored parties and liaising with party hosts to support in the organisation of their event and on the day running

    • Including facilitating venue relationships, advising on scheduling changes and organising catering and hospitality

  • Handling the power requirements across various BIGSOUND Conference and social venues

  • Assisting on general event management admin.

BIGSOUND Printed Program Coordinator

  • Coordinating the production of the 178 pg. printed program - aka. the BIGSOUND Bible

  • Learning (and taking out rent in...) BIGSOUND's unique CMS

  • Selling advertising space for the program and ensuring correct and timely delivery of all adverts

  • Working with multiple departments to ensure each element of the program was complete and delivered on time

  • Liaising with the design agency to deliver all content, ensure all changes were applied across the various versions

  • Proofing the program.

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Marketing & Media Manager

This year the festival experienced an 800% increase in WK1 ticket sales as a result of a new referral-based platform that I built a content driven campaign around.

  • Coordinating roles and tasks between the Marketing Assistant and On-Site 2IC

  • Developing the overall marketing strategy and all social media and email led campaigns

  • Liaising with the Marketing Assistant to develop social media content

  • Coordinating teams across design, video, website, copywriting, press, and other areas to execute strong campaigns that convert

  • Monitoring and reporting on insights weekly and post-campaign

  • Coordinating poster design, approvals, printing and distribution

  • Overseeing the planning and execution of all marketing activities - including working with various festival departments, external companies and performers

  • Mentoring assistants and interns wherever possible and helping develop skills and knowledge that may assist with their role or general career scope.


Digital Marketing & Brand Marketing Manager
BEYOND BILLABLES | 2017 - 2018

Beyond Billables - digital marketing and strategy for the new breed of law firms.

  • Working with various staff to coordinate the writing, editing and proofing, design, approval, and scheduling of multiple clients

  • Development of all in-house design collateral

  • Continual development and reporting on the Beyond Billables marketing strategy

    • Implementing new strategies and tweaking current ones based on data - email marketing techniques, Facebook Ad structures and copywriting, etc

  • Development of adverts in Facebook Ads Manager - including copywriting, content creation, execution and tweaking over time

  • Building and continually tweaking automated email marketing strategies designed to nurture leads through the sales funnel

  • Providing direct support to the Beyond Billables Directors

  • Taking a major role in the overall layout, design, copywriting, and build out of the new Beyond Billables website

  • Blog and website maintenance

  • Creation of landing pages using both WordPress and Kajabi.


Marketing & Media Manager

The strategy implemented resulted in over 1500 returning website visitors* and a 128% increase in our email database with high registration conversions resulting from all EDMs.

  • Developed the inbound marketing strategy and the social media, email led and traditional marketing campaigns within it

    • Planned, created/wrote, scheduled and tracked campaigns

    • Introduced a segmented email marketing campaign that suggested events based off previous attendance - this was an introductory year with a more comprehensive campaign set to be rolled out in 2019

  • Liaised with the Videography Manager and Marketing Assistant to develop and deliver a strategic video content plan that drove brand awareness and pushed traffic to the festival walls

  • Coordinated teams across design, video, website, press, and other areas to build a multi-faceted strategy for the 3 week festival and set-up the festival with strong content to assist with marketing for 2019

  • Coordinated poster design, printing and distribution

  • Oversaw the planning and execution of all marketing activities - including working with various festival departments, external companies and street artists.


Director & Co-founder
RADAR Entertainment | 2017 - 2018

RADAR Entertainment was an independently run music business focused on propelling emerging musicians further into the local music scene through creative marketing campaigns and artist management. RADAR has since ceased operating.

  • Curated lineups for Netherworld, The Milk Factory and at the Brisbane Powerhouse

  • Social media strategy, content creation, management, and monitoring of RADAR platforms

  • Hiring and working with all creatives to achieve desired outcomes - musicians, photographers, graphic designers and videographers

  • General artist management responsibilities - maintaining contact with venues/bookers, taking stock of potential opportunities, booking management, ensuring press and tech kits are complete and up to date.


Project Manager

AVRFF sold out all festival viewing sessions in it's inaugural year of 2017 and has since experienced another successful festival in 2018.

  • Development and maintenance of the AVRFF website - Wordpress

  • Assisted the marketing team in the creation of the overall marketing strategy

  • Coordination of various project elements to create a cohesive final event

  • Management and tracking of various project tasks

  • Primary graphic designer excluding the initial logo from which the branding concept was built around.


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