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Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival - 2018


For this years Jungle Love Festival I developed a pull based marketing strategy that is focused on delivering quality content and experiences that generate interest and engagement.  This allows the festival to attract an audience that genuinely aligns with our core values of community, inclusivity, support, collaboration, celebration and sustainability. 

So far this strategy has proven successful with two major campaigns rolling out - the launch of Jungle Love 2018 and (my favourite campaign I've built!) National Friendship Day. These strategic campaigns have been integral to tripling the amount of ticket sales completed in the same time period previously.

The launch of Jungle Love 2018

To launch Jungle Love this year I worked closely with a third party competition platform to increase the festivals awareness to our current audience's direct network and drive ticket sales to those who were engaged. The campaign ran for one week prior to ticket sales being launched and was based around referral networks via social media.

This saw a tremendous result with an 807% increase in Week One ticket sales compared to 2017.

To achieve these results I coordinated design, videography, copywriting and social media to come together and build a campaign that leveraged the content and mediums that had traditionally performed the strongest. We also integrated a higher use of InstaStories to bring more content to where our audience spends time tapping.

National Friendship Day (aka. Jungle Lover Appreciation Day)

Community is one of the values that drives every decision made regarding Jungle Love and a value our attendees all share. To show appreciation to every attendee we developed a two week campaign that highlighted seven different stories from Jungle Lovers as well as encouraging our community to share more stories with us and each other.

National Friendship Day video produced by Mitch Ison.

This campaign was executed across closed and public platforms and saw great results with many stories being submitted and shared as well as a long-lost festival friendship being reunited!

As a result of the camaraderie and content developed with 'community first' in mind, Jungle Love experienced a large spike in group ticket sales in addition to doubling standard ticket sales during this time.

These are the two major campaigns that have been executed so far this year and our audience's reaction to specific content, copywriting and approach has shown that community, friendship and unique experiences are what really grabs our Jungle Lovers.


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