Carlia Fuller
Creative Marketing & Project Management


— Carlia Fuller is a publicist, digital marketer and project manager who loves dipping her creative fingers in many different pies. Particularly apple.

Jungle Love Festival experienced a 800% increase in the first week of ticket sales as a result of a new referral-based platform that I built a content driven campaign around.

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Hi, I'm Carlia

I love building cohesive digital marketing strategies, watching live music and the buzz that surrounds you when a big campaign or event is about to hit LAUNCH!

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Carlia has been with Vast Yonder throughout the growth of the various art, tech and experiential projects and has contributed heavily to developing strong, organised plans and overseeing successful implementation along with data collection and reporting. Her ability to pitch consistently strong ideas and lead the organisation to achieving these has been fundamental to the growth of our audiences.

- Lincoln Savage, Director of Vast Yonder and Jungle Love Music & Arts Festival.